Theodor Milkov

The Russian-Greek percussionist Theodor Milkov is one of the most innovative marimba players. Well known for his “pianistic” approach, revolutionary ideas and technical abilities, bringing the marimba to a new level of performance. Milkov’s repertoire includes music written for harpsichord, piano, from baroque to romantic epoch as well as contemporary music.

Through collaboration with the composer Ruud Wiener, Milkov has created new Marimba repertoire, as well as an educational series of Marimba études under the title “Fluent Movements for Marimba.” This collaboration was the inspiration of the two Marimba Video Tutorials, available on his official website.

Commissioning new music has been an important aspect of Milkov’s artistic life. That is how “Passacaglia” is born; a massive, weighty, tonally contrapuntal, and technically brilliant tour de force, written by Raymond Helble for his 2016 PASIC debut.

Milkov’s ability to perform classical repertoire on Marimba, has opened him doors to prestigious festivals such as Sofia Music Weeks – Bulgaria , Oranjewoud Festival – The Netherlands, Bach Academy Brugge – Belgium.

Theodor has been giving masterclasses in musical institutions all over the world, such as HfM Muenster (Germany), Colburn School of Music Los Angeles (USA), Northwestern University (USA), Conservatorium van Amsterdam (the Netherlands), Conservatoire Saint-Maur-des-Fossés (France), Salerno Conservatory (Italy) and Taiwan, to name a few.

Milkov began his percussion studies at the age of 7, in Municipal Conservatory of Patras (Greece), under his stepfather Maxim Mankovski. Later on, over the period 2002-2009, he continued his studies in Musikhochschule Detmold (Germany), Royal Conservatoire Den Haag and Conservatorium Van Amsterdam (The Netherlands) under Profs. Peter Prommel, Hans Zanderoep, Fedor Teunisse, Luuk Nagdegaal, Nick Woud and Gustavo Gimmeno.

Milkov holds a Bachelor of Music from Detmold Musikhochschule (Germany) and Conservatorium Amsterdam ( The Netherlands). Masters of Music from Royal Conservatoire Den Haag (The Netherlands)and Konzertexamen from Detmold Musikhochschule (Germany).

In 2017, Theodor Milkov held his first International Marimba Summer Camp, a training course based his method “Fluent Movements for Marimba.” MIMSC became quickly one of the most interesting and successful annual events, attracting participants from all over the world – USA, Japan, Taiwan, Zimbabwe, Poland, France, Italy, Spain, Russia, Costa Rica, Denmark, Finland, China, Latvia and Hungary.