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You might already have seen drummer/producer Michael Schack performing on big festival stages, in clubs or concert venues in Europe, North/South America, Asia and Australia as the energetic E-drummer with Netsky Live, as a solo performing drummer/V-Drums product artist at music events and drum festivals worldwide or maybe you saw him in one of his numerous performance clips on YouTube. Thanks to a growing fanbase and buzz on social media, Michael is also making his name as a unique and in demand solo E- Drummer, even far outside of his native Belgium.

“A super tight smashing drummer who fires his intoxicating beats on top of his live triggered and inventively entertaining mashup mixes” according to some press. In his world, the drummer can also be a one-man-band, with Michael playing a fully live triggered, inspiring and interactive multi-genre repertoire on which the audience can truly rave and enjoy some spectacular drumming. Helped by the very latest developments in e-drumming technology, Michael’s drumming is all about a true #livebeatsrule impact. Over the years, Michael has won several awards, has been nominated for “best clinician/demonstrator” in international drummer magazine #polls and recently received the #E-drummerOfTheYear award for the third(!) time. He’s also a popular affiliate instructor on drumeo. com and contributes to the development of Roland’s V-Drums and E-pads since the early 2000’s. He is worldwide seen as one of the most specialist live artists for Roland’s SPD-SX and the V-Drums flagship, the #TD-50. He also produces sample packs, one of which is the successful “Hybrid Beats Session” pack, released through Hospital Records/ Loopmasters.”Vibe”, a latest plug co-produced with Strezov Sampling, is receiving fab reviews as well.

Born in 1977 Budapest. Andrew J’s skills were recognized already in the 90’s as three times Hungarian DMC Champion at the annual DJ competition hosted by Disco Mix Club, he is considered a prominent figure, initiator in the domestic development of several club-music genres. From the year 1994 he performed as House, from 1995 Jungle later Drum’n’Bass DJ as well. Meanwhile, he has strong interest towards the styles trip-hop, acid jazz, funk and unconventionally towards the underground turntablist scene, scratching. From 2000 onwards lounge DJ and music writer in the company of well-known jazz musicians. The idea behind that new concept was to collect a group creative musicians and create a style combining jazz with special down tempo grooves & turntable music.

He founded the line-up known as Andrew J & Kaltenecker together with the keyboardist and jazz piano virtuoso Zsolt Kaltenecker and released two albums with the title Melodies (2002) and Sad (2003) published in Austria and Japan. Andrew J & Kaltenecker represented unique Acid – Nu Jazz style from Budapest, Hungary. In 2009 the line-up was complemented with the jazz singer Veronika Harcsa and the guitarist Bálint Gyémánt and the band Bin- Jip was formed. Their debut album titled “Enter” was also released in Japan and the same album was elected in 2010 as the Hungarian Alternative Album of the Year 2010. (Fonogram Award Winner)

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