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Push Your Drumming Workshop

Push Your Drumming

For the first time: 2019 “Push Your Drumming” show in Hungary!

For the fifth year in a row, Michael Schack (#DJDrummer, Netsky Live, Milk Inc., Roland Artist) is touring Europe with a brand new series of “Push Your Drumming” drum clinics. This year, on 15th June and in collaboration with Sopron Drums and Roland will bring Michael to Sopron.

“PushYourDrumming” is a totally new drum clinic concept integrating the very latest, newly released Roland drumset technology and additional electronic percussion/drumming instruments to show and explain some spectacular drumming exercises and tips and tricks, all integrated in moving and energetic musical performances. These exercises, tips and tricks keep every modern drummer totally up-to-date.
Push Your Drumming is not an instrument demo show, but a super inspiring energetic exchange of drumming ideas which you can take home!

As with his previous #PushYourDrumming tours since 2014, also in this newest version Michael will present and show exercises and performance content which all live attending participants can take home on a USB key (or be able to download from a website), which contains true. pdf of the exercises, drumming video clips and. mp3 PlayAlong musical content. There’s no distribution of these material after the clinic, so you need to be attending in order to receive such a dedicated “Push Your Drumming” material.

As a member of Roland’s Digital Percussion development team, Michael Schack has been very much involved in the development of the TD-50, TM-6Pro and the latest TD-17KL/KV/KVX drumset instruments, and has been one of the world’s main “live on stage” ambassadors of both TD-50 and SPD-SX. He’s also been one of the main sound design contributors for both the new TD-17 and TM-6Pro.

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