About the Festival

For the second time, from 10 to 17 June 2019, the SopronDrum Festival hosts the world’s best percussionists, in Hungary’s most significant percussionist meeting.

Continuing the successful concept of last year’s festival, the invited world famous artists hold educational performances (master classes/ workshops) besides their concerts, for the young percussion generation, teachers, active musicians and, of course, the audience of percussion music. These personal encounters provide the participants with a lasting experience as they directly benefit from the incredible music and talent that the invited artists have.

One of the greatest jazz drummer of the world, Dennis Chambers, will open the Festival with his workshop at the Petőfi Theater. Later in the evening at the Fertőrákos Cave Theater Incognito – the 11-member ensemble from the UK, which is today one of the most sought after jazz-funk music band in the world – will perform with brasses, a separate vocal section and two percussionists, creating a real carnival atmosphere to open the SopronDrum Festival.

One of the sensations of this year’s program is a concert of Nik West, Dennis Chambers and Tommy Campbell in the Cave Theatre Fertorakos. Nik West – who was the bassist of Prince among others – has also established an impressive solo career with sold out tours spanning from Japan to Australia to Europe. Her videos have racked up over 40 million views across Facebook and YouTube. She has branded herself as an innovator in the industry and all as an independent artist. She will give a hilarious concert with her band and two other world famous stars, Dennis Chambers and Tommy Campbell. The specialty of the evening is that the two outstanding drummers of the world’s jazz life, Tommy Campbell and Dennis Chambers, will perform together for the first time in their long career.

The classical music star of the festival is Gordon Stout, he is professor of the Ithaca College in the USA, composer, and one of the most respected marimba artist in the world. In recognition of his work, Gordon was inducted into the Percussive Arts Society Hall of Fame in November of 2012. Gordon Stout will impart active courses during three days. In this courses it will be possible for many students to share their knowledge and play together with the master. The common element of such active courses are the analysis and improvement of the play, the technical skills, and the musical perception.

Michael Schack the world famous electronic drummer will represent an other part of the percussion arts. He will give a concert on Roland V-drums and presents his proper instructor materials on his course “Push Your Drumming.”

The 35-year-old Amadinda, the travelling ambassador of the Hungarian musical life, has become one of the best-known percussion ensembles in the world in the last 35 years. They celebrate their long career in the Cave Theater, with an unusual concert, where they perform a selection of traditional percussion music of different parts of the world with the help of their impressive musical instrument collection.

Among the Hungarian participant stands out “Hungarian Legends,” a demonstration concert of Janos Solti and Imre Kőszegi the two drummer kings of Hungarian rock music. They are idols for the following drum generation.

The internationally renowned Budapest Ragtime Band, is the number one representative of traditional jazz music in Hungary. During their decades of existence, they have proven their talent in many parts of the world.

The Budapest Jazz Orchestra is an outstanding formation of Hungarian jazz life. Over the years, the ensemble has developed a perfect big-band sound tone, they dedicate this evening to Ella Fitzgerald’s memory with outstanding vocal soloists.

DJ Andrew J, a member of the popular Bin Jip Band will participate in the Festival with a solo performance, to please the young audience who likes electronic music.

One of the most important goals of the festival is to introduce those young Hungarian percussionists who have already achieved outstanding results. So this year, besides the Percussion Department of the Bartok Béla Music and Dance School of Miskolc, the Winners of the XIII. National Percussion Instrument Competition will have an opportunity to perform.

The purpose of the SopronDrum Festival is to present year after year the percussion music of the world, and it is a great honor for us that truly the most famous artists of the world are accepting our invitation to perform at our Festival.

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